Friday, June 18, 2010

How do I fix my messed up hair cut?

Okay well yesturday I went into the salon with my hair perfectly the way I wanted it, except of course my layers had grown out. I told him I needed a 'trim' I specifically asked him to razor cut it and make my outgrown layers at the top shorter. He cut my hair SHORT. All of it and in the end he even straighted out the layers with scissors. Then it came to my bangs, I told him that my straight bangs where the exact height I wanted them, but since I had cut them myself it wasn't so striaght. He litterally made them half an inch shorter. Even extensions aren't helping my hair look better. I did a better job cutting my own hair then any stylist does. Any suggestions on how to make this look work until It grows out?

How do I fix my messed up hair cut?

uh put it in a ponytail.

or you could put a headband on.

winter is a hat season, so you could wear one of those.

or how about a nice bun or a messy bun

good luck, bangs grow out soon anyways.

would u mind putting up a picture tho, the we can see what styles would look nice on you, and what u ca pull off with the cut

How do I fix my messed up hair cut?


How do I fix my messed up hair cut?

The only good thing about a bad haircut is that it grows out. Have you considered getting a different stylist to give you a really short, spiked haircut?

How do I fix my messed up hair cut?

You know, Appearance isnt everything. If every women in the world cut their hair to make it look like the were in a fire , I wouldent care. Appearance means nothing, don't worry about it. I know you look just as good as before, you only dont like it becuase you must not like change. Hun, it's hair. No need to panic, hair grow's, but to me i wouldent care if a girl had not face just as long as their themselves and they were happy. Now go love you hair and don't panic.

How do I fix my messed up hair cut?

There is nothing you can do now, except style it different and wait for it to grow out then get a descent hair cut.

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  1. well bless your little heart! bzzzzz...
    it's hair, it will grow! put away your shear's! vanity and shears don't mix.
    and remember to never try to micro manage your stylist. let them decide razor or shears and how to approach it.


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